Selby in the Community

Our community projects include projects which have a huge and positive impact on our staff and community, with the leading impact being the “Albert Heijn Village” with whom we have had great support.

The company takes pride in the development of high brick homes complete with running water and electricity on Komani Estate for the staff.  This project, partnered with AH Foundation (Holland) has made significant improvements to the standard of living of the staff.  

The project continues to expand with the latest inclusion being the construction of a Community Centre which includes a Community Hall for functions and special or sporting events, Creche, Clinic, Learning Centre, Gym & Restaurant.  A non-denominational Church completes the community development.

The next stage, already in planning phase, is improved village sanitization and the use of “green energy” sources for lighting, heating and cooking in the village.  

We, at Selby’s, feel that Education is our most important social responsibility. Selby educates over 250 village children, at four different community schools, every year:

Komani Creche:       5 & under                      educates 61 children
Eskbank Primary:     6 – 12 year olds            educates 72 children
Glenara Estates:      Primary & Secondary    educates 78 children    
Guyson Kureneri:     Secondary                     educates 42 children

  • Creche, attended by all worker’s children under the age of 5, who are taught by a teacher and a child minder
  • Clinic & Sick Bay, attended by a Health Worker
  • Library run by a qualified teacher, facilitates learning
  • Early Learning Centre with 8 computers
  • Burial ground
  • Fruit Trees planted outside every home (Avocado Pear, Peach, Lemon, Bananas, Mulberry)
  • Clean–up Harare campaign
  • Twin Church organisations with the National Police stations to promote co-operation in partnerships, dignity and respect for human rights between police and the ordinary citizens.
  • Repaired of boreholes at clinics and schools. Supplied clinics and households with blankets, food & clothing
  • Distributed seed maize packs to needy households, and implemented a monitoring system with an aim to double average yields in 3 years.
  • Donated towards the Cyclone Idai Relief Program 
  • Distributed clothing, kitchen wares, blankets & food to displaced families
  • Donated towards and participated in the Old Leg's Tour, raising money for Zimbabwe's Old Age Pensioners

Selby works with SNV (Dutch NGO) and USAID to promote good agricultural practices and scheduled production and market linkages between SME farmers and ourselves.
Selby is working with SNV to develop a number of ‘green energy’ projects.  These are directed at both community projects but also within the main business and include: -

  • Lighting and Power for electrical appliances in village homes using Solar Power
  • Heating of water using Solar in Village homes
  • Bio-Gas generating from animal and vegetable wastes for cooking in Village, or conversion to electrical by generator
  • Effluent water for horticultural projects in Village
  • Solar lighting for packhouse equipment and head office


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